It’s the Final Countdown!

Just 12 more days until R4WH 2013 gets rolling!

As the ride looms closer, the entire Leadership Team is working tirelessly to tie-up loose ends, finalize housing details, and make sure we’re all ready to roll on March 17th.

“What are those crazy kids working on?” We’re glad you asked!

The Ride for World Health Final Countdown To-Do List:

  • Housing– we’re still looking for minimum-cost housing along our route. If you know anyone in these cities, please help us secure accommodation (by emailing us):
      • Arizona – Fountain Hills, Star Valley
      • New Mexico – Grants, Albequerque
      • Arkansas – Waldron, Fort Smith
      • Kentucky – Glasgow
      • West Virginia – Elkins
  • Equipment – we’d be EVER SO GRATEFUL if any kind-hearted folks among you could lend us (rent to us?) a GoPro or GoPro-like camera. It would really help us document our work and we promise to keep you updated!
  • Food – we’re always open to donations-in-kind. We’re a 501(c)-3 non-profit, tax-deductible organization!
  • Etc – just some other loose ends we’re working on, like Match Day…

Let us know if you can help us with any of our last-minute “To-Do’s”! Leave us a comment below, and STAY TUNED FOR THE COMING ADVENTURE!

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