Another one bites the dust…

…sometimes, quite literally.

Dear Readers,

It has been quite the week with centuries on top of centuries. It is almost mid-way through the 3400mile ride, but yesterday, our knees were creaking, our Achilles tendons were aching, our nerves were wearing down, and we were hella tired.






So not only were people “biting the dust” figuratively, but we were literally also experiencing some unfortunate falls along the ride. I personally have suffered couple more falls (natch  :/ ).  Duane Wang had an intimate episode with some thorny sand burrs when he unfortunately bit it  🙁   Poor Kyle Knuppel had a more drawn-out fall when his chains decided to tangle on him…three times around…and he slowly tilted to the ground  :/

Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to ride with Duane Wang on my last near-century ride to help me HAM it up and down the rolling hills of Oklahoma down the Historical Route 66.  Thanks, D.Wang!  You da bomb-diggity!!








Otherwise, thank you so, so much to Dana Martin, Bridget Finley, Erin Blackstock and Mrs. Martin, our team was able to be a part of a fantabulous fundraiser (that raised over $2500 in one evening!!!  incredulous!). Check out these pics from our incredibly successful fundraiser:

Erin and her mom looking quite beauteous the night of the Normal, OK event at Dana and Bridget’s breath-takingly beautiful house!

Great entertainment for the night by Chris Esber Will Akard (on couch-chairs) and Kyle Knuppel (not pictured here) – men of many talents.

A small glimpse of Dana and Bridget’s incredible residence as we watch Eliza Beal talk about our passion, R4WH and Chris Esber’s live auction skillz.

Unfortunately, our Solidarity Ride was cancelled today due to atrocious weather conditions (rain, sleet, 25+ mph wind, and below 20F weather… not great). But we are very grateful for an indescribably restful day-off today (immense gratitude to Jody Watson for working your connections to get us all comfortable beds at the Fairfield Inn tonight). Shootin’ the breeze at the Fairfield rooms with Kyle Knuppel and Dreas Thyssen, it really hit me how much I’ll miss this kooky group o’ R4WH kids. Kyle and Dreas’s humor particularly has lightened many a situations and carried us through many a hard rides!  <3 you, goofballs!

Otherwise, with some days off, I am actually nervous to get back on my wheels again (eek!), but hopefully the next couple of days will go swimmingly with the much-needed rest we’ve gotten.  We shall see…

Til next time,
Ride on, dudes!  \m/

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