Halfway Points and Many Thanks

Today we crossed the halfway point of the ride (mileage-wise). Tomorrow we leave Oklahoma and enter Arkansas. It’s so fun to think about what new place will have in store for us.

I thought now would be an appropriate time to thank a few folks for their contribution to our Oklahoma experience:

Thank you to Blake Middleton for his role in giving talks at Oklahoma University and Oklahoma State University. Thanks also for setting up a night out at White Owl in Tulsa, OK.

Thank you to Oklahoma University and Oklahoma State University for having us. We enjoyed interacting with your students and hope we’ll be welcomed back next year!

Thank you to Big Truck Tacos for providing a delicious lunch to our riders in Oklahoma City.

Thank you to Erin Blackstock, Dana Martin and Jody Watson, for setting up fantastic housing accommodations in Amarillo, TX; Shamrock, TX; Weatherford, OK; Norman, OK; Tulsa, OK; Muskogee, OK.

Thank you to the First United Methodist Church in Shamrock, TX for providing us with a fantastic homemade dinner and breakfast, and leaving us with all of the leftovers.
Thank you to the Great Plains Family YMCA for putting us up for the night, providing dinner and breakfast and supplying us with Gatorade galore.

Thank you to Café Plaid in Norman, OK for a large supply of very delicious cookies.

Thank you to Old School Bagels in Oklahoma City for donating several days worth of bagels. They were delicious!

Thank you to Schlegel Bicycles for replenishing our supplies and giving our riders a discount.

Thank you to Dana Martin and Brigit for putting on a fantastic fundraiser in Norman, OK and to everyone who came to visit with our riders! Your donations were very much appreciated.

Thank you to Mindy Martin for everything you have done for our team while we were in Oklahoma – from helping with the Norman Fundraiser to sagging the Tulsa Solidarity Ride!

Thank you to the Tulsa community for coming out to support us during the Tulsa Solidarity Ride.

Thank you to McNellie’s for providing a delicious and nutritious lunch to our team and guests after the Solidarity Ride in Tulsa, OK. The sweet potato fries and spinach artichoke dip were seriously impressive!

Thank you to Melanie and Mr. Blackstock for putting us up in their homes for two nights in Tulsa and hosting a fantastic birthday barbecue for our youngest rider, Cody Parks. Thank you also for all of the wonderful food and fellowship provided in their home.

Thank you to the First Christian Church in Chandler, OK for providing great accommodations for the night!

Thanks to Erin Blackstock, Blake Middleton and their family and friends for providing constant support to us during our time in Oklahoma.

Thank you to the First United Methodist Church in Muskogee, OK for providing accommodations, dinner and including us in their Sunday afternoon picnic.

And thank you to our largest Oklahoma sponsor, PT Central.

Oklahoma was certainly hillier and windier than we were expecting, and we rode some of our longest days here, but we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We have felt so loved, supported and even spoiled, in the last seven days. Thank you again to everyone!

Eliza Beal, CEO

Ride For World Health 2013

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