People Helping People

One of Matt Morrin’s favorite lines to say and an appropriate title for this post, the attitude of “People Helping People” has gotten us this far across the country.

We certainly could not have made it this far without the support of our sponsors.  Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, Physical Therapy Central, Powerbar, Chobani, Gold Humanism Honor Society, Roll:, and Action Spine and Pain Center.  With their support, we have been able to cover much of the cost of the ride, allowing each dollar fundraised to go to our beneficiaries.

The cost of the ride is something I think about each day because I know we can always limit our expenditures and make a larger impact on this year’s beneficiaries, Empower and Advance and Village Health Works.  However, I am also all too aware of the necessary costs of the ride, such as renting and fueling our support vehicles (which are absolutely essential to this type of ride), buying food for our riders, and ensuring that we have rider insurance for all national riders and for our solidarity rides.  So why do the ride if it costs money?  Well, I believe that the ride itself serves as a platform for which our national riders can impact students and community members across the country and recruit more of our fellow people to get involved with global and domestic health.  When you tell someone you are cycling across the country for a specific cause, they tend to listen.

We certainly could not have made it this far without the support of our families and friends.  I have the unique opportunity to see who is donating to the ride and read their personal messages of support to our riders.  While the task of entering donations into spreadsheets may seem tedious, I am excited to see who donated and realize that we have yet another advocate for our ride.  The dinners, which have been provided to the riders by the kindness of riders and our families, mean so much to our riders, who otherwise would enjoy noodles and sauce each day.  A special thanks to the Martins, Blackstocks, Langermans, Alex and Kim in Albuquerque, Big Truck Tacos in Tulsa, the Picketts (who came out to surprise birthday Cody Parks and offered to cook one of our days in Columbus), the Knuppels, and anyone else who has fueled our riders through caloric donations.

There are ways which everyone can get involved.  We still have plenty of operating costs such as fueling up our vehicles and fueling up our riders.  A special thanks to Hersh Varma, who did an outstanding job with our marketing this year and created a beautiful website.  Here he outlines ways in which each and every person could have an impact on this year’s Ride for World Health:

Since I do check the donations, please write a special note if you decide to donate or fund a specific need, such as gasoline, food, sunscreen, fun activities, etc.  I will be sure to share your support with the team at our nightly team meetings.

Again, we are so very grateful for all of the support we have received thus far.  We hope to meet hundreds of more friends along the ride and share our experiences cycling across this majestic country.

Thanks for all that you do,


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