Teamwork makes the dream work!

My team is THE reason I was able to get not only one, but TWO centuries done, BACK TO BACK DAYS!  Never in my life could I have even imagined accomplishing this feat!  So, let me tell you how we did it…

With a little bit of genius from Matthew Morrin and a lotta bit of teamwork, we were able to put together a fantabulous formation that fought the rough 20mph winds coming our way. I present you our formation, The Escalator:

The formation made use of something called drafting while we rode in two pacelines. Here is a quick tutorial on drafting, a dear dear friend when you have winds hurdling at you at 20+mph:

Drafting is where cyclists queue up to block the wind for the riders behind them, then take turns being the one in front.

The first rider will put in the most effort, reducing work for all riders behind him/her.
The Escalator had two pacelines side by side (reducing headwind and sidewind), with a perfected rotation where the paceline on stage left would fall back and to the right in the back, as stage right paceline would move forward and over to the left in the front. #MattMorrin

All in all, the drafting, dragging, pacing, and all came together like magic!!  Thank you, Matt.  Also, special thank you to Dreas Thyssen, who  made sure that we rode in as a team to make our 5:30pm mandatory arrival time at 5:29pm…a minute to spare.  #Solidarity

Yay team!! #ThankYou #BacktoBackCenturies

In conclusion, I have officially finished my TWO CENTURY RIDES and it took the whole R4WH village to accomplish it, but to my teammates: endless thank yous for all that you have sacrificed in order to help me accomplish this seemingly impossible feat.









To our readers, I have now under my belt two centuries and two marathons, but I want to let you know that this is a minutia of the accomplishments that have been accomplished by our team as a whole!  We have riders that have easily completed not two, but FOUR CENTURIES in a row!  Most ride faster than imaginable with the distance of a whole country to cover (one day, a group averaged 22mph!!!   #WhatTheWhat?!).  As you try and wrap your mind around the incredible possibility of that, let me close by saying:  I love my team and owe one, unbelievable personal lifetime accomplishment to them (<3 you guys dearly).

Thank you for reading!
Til next time,
Ride on, dudes!  \m/


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