Kyle’s Post

Tonight I will be attending the hooding ceremony for our OSU team members. After many years of incredibly hard work and perseverance, they are being recognized as Doctors of Medicine.
Weeks ago, when we set out on the road, I chose tonight as a goal for myself. I  wanted to ride across the United States  with these extraordinary young men and women and arrive in Columbus to see them graduate from medical school. It is an honor for me to be there.
I remember early in the trip, while traversing the mountains of Arizona, I rode beside OSU student, Josh Mitchell for a time. We spoke about the difficulties of medical school and how we came to terms with them. I recalled that during my time studying for our medical boards, I began to dread each day of questions and reading. I wanted to remember why I started down this path and to make peace with the work ahead that must be done. I looked to my books for help. I found a text by Khalil Gibran which proved helpful at the beginning of each day. On work, he writes;
“The wind speaks no more sweetly to the giant oak than it does to the least of all blades of grass. And he alone is great, who takes the voice of the wind and makes the song sweeter by his own loving. Work is love made visible”.
I know Josh, Chris, Eliza, Dan, Jing, Duane, Pankti, Bryan and the rest of us going on to begin residency, have many trials left ahead of us. But I know we have the choice to face them with love. With that, we will be the physicians, as we imagined ourselves, all of those years ago. Congratulations to you all.

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