Days 19 and 20 (Texas and Oklahoma)

Day 19, 4/13: Shamrock, TX to Clinton, OK (84.2 miles)

On Day 19, we crossed from Texas to Oklahoma, our 5th state! We rode through the state border pretty early on in the route but unfortunately there wasn’t a Welcome to Oklahoma sign on the frontage road we were on – so we actually snagged a picture of that on the way out of Oklahoma on the opposite side lol (see below). We sped through the first half of the day in our pace lines and enjoyed the beautiful greenery of Oklahoma. The second half of the day, there were more rolling hills like the day before, but these were larger and seemingly never-ending.

Finally reached Oklahoma!

Around 3pm, we rolled into the First Church of God, where we were staying that night. They were very gracious and let us use all of their classrooms, kitchen, dining room, and lovely sitting room with comfy black couches. For dinner, we had tons of leftovers from the past few days to eat, plus leftovers from their church fundraiser including delicious sausage and biscuits, chicken salad, chocolate pudding, iced tea, and lemonade. They told us they would be throwing out anything we didn’t eat, so we ate all that we could and then had lots of leftover yummy sausage and biscuits for the next few days. After dinner, we played Drawful on their large TV screen and settled in for the evening.

Day 20, 4/14: Clinton, OK to Oklahoma City, OK (81.8 miles)

On Day 20, we continued through the green pastures and trees of Oklahoma on the way to our third rest city in Oklahoma City. Rolling hills and cow pastures have become the theme of Oklahoma lol. The scenery also became more lush and filled with trees. We had lunch at a lovely park, after which we were joined by some riders from Pro Bike Inc, a bike shop we’ve been in contact with in Oklahoma City. We rode in one large group as we approached the city and the cyclists took us through some beautiful river/lake-front bike trails for the last 5 miles or so. We even passed the famous bridge from The Grapes of Wrath! 

Lots of cows in Oklahoma

Lots of cows in Oklahoma

We arrived at Williams Church of the Nazarene, where we were staying for the next 2 nights, around 3pm. They kindly let us stay in their basketball court/gym, and also use their kitchenette and locker room showers. A group of us went over to the Pro Bike Inc shop, and the staff there were super friendly and helped fix up a lot of our bikes. For dinner, we went over to the home of Stan, a friend/sponsor of some of the bike shop guys, and we had a wonderful time hanging out on their outdoor patio (complete with fireplace and TV!). We had food catered from Ted’s Cafe Escondido, including delicious make-your-own beef/chicken fajitas, chips w/ salsa and guacamole, and nachos. They also served ice cream that they had made themselves, which was really tasty. The guys from the bike shop also came over and we traded some great stories about cycling. Thanks to Stan and his wife for being such excellent hosts!

Lovely dinner at Stan's

Lovely dinner at Stan’s

Hanging out at Stan’s!

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