Oklahoma City Rest Day (Oklahoma)

4/15, Oklahoma City Rest Day

Our third rest day of the ride was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Some people slept in while another group of us went on a scenic 20-mile bike ride along the West River bike trail with some of the guys from the Pro Bike Inc shop, which they had told us about the night before – we love biking so much that we even bike on rest days haha. The morning ride was lovely and at a relaxing pace, and we got to see some cool parts of Oklahoma City. Afterward, we went to Moe’s Place for breakfast, courtesy of Stan, and filled up on some classic diner food.


Morning fun ride along the West River Trail!

Steak for breakfast :D

Steak for breakfast 😀

Around noon, we headed over to the Oklahoma University College of Medicine to give a talk to the global health interest group. We discussed R4WH in general and gave an overview of global health to mostly first- and second-year med students. Afterward, a few of them gave them a tour of their medical school campus, which is super nice! Especially the really cool “mods” they have for studying – each group of 8 students gets their own study space with cubicles, lockers, kitchenette, and conference room. We were amazed and wished we had something like that at Ohio State lol.

Discussing global health at OU

In the afternoon, we hung out at a cute local coffee shop next to the bike shop until dinnertime, which was at Little Mike’s Hamburgers. Stan knew some people there and they were famous for their onion-fried burgers. The burgers really hit the spot and they also had delicious tater tots, fried okra, and fries. In the evening, we were excited to finally hang out in a real city on a Friday night, so we headed down to the Bricktown District and the area next to OU to check out some local bars. We caught the happy hour at Kamp’s Cafe ($1.25 drafts!) and even found a wine bar called Peloton! (pelotons are pace lines). It was next to Schlegel’s bike shop and it turns out that the wine bar was started by the wife of the owner of the bike shop a few years ago. We girls enjoyed some delicious sangria and mimosas there and chatted with the staff about our biking adventures. A group of us also checked out FlashBack RetroPub, which was a cool barcade with old arcade games. Definitely a fun rest day!

Dinner at Little Mike's

Dinner at Little Mike’s

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