Norman with Dana and Bridgit

Whoa, we’re half way there

It has been quite some time since I checked in last, and I apologize for my absence in the blogosphere.  Since then, a lot of fun and memorable events have occurred.  I am going to focus on Oklahoma, since we had such great support throughout the state. I want to take some time to highlight […]

don't stop

Another one bites the dust…

…sometimes, quite literally. Dear Readers, It has been quite the week with centuries on top of centuries. It is almost mid-way through the 3400mile ride, but yesterday, our knees were creaking, our Achilles tendons were aching, our nerves were wearing down, and we were hella tired.           So not only were people […]


Taking it to the Streets of Phoenix!

So I had the pleasure to lead some of the team to do some street corner fundraising in downtown Phoenix.  We got some great leads for a suitable location in the middle of the city from our friends at University of Arizona-Phoenix College of Medicine.  We have Dave Winton and Erika Bramlett on the trainer […]


From Sea to Shining Sea

Just dipped our tires in the Pacific! Tomorrow we will embark on our epic journey to the Atlantic to do the same. This is something that we will never forget. Now to go get Mexican to celebrate! Also Jing is the nicest guy in the world for taking this picture!


20 mile training ride in the San Diego foothills