Logan Rest Day

Summary Location: Ute Lake State Park, Beachside Campsite Weather: warm and breezy until… Memorable Moments: The Sandstorm Details We woke up well past sunrise to the smells of an amazing breakfast of spinach-eggs, chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes, and coffee. Frances, Kyle, and Eric “Biceps” Peterson led the breakfast charge as the rest of us nursed […]


Santa Rosa to Logan

Summary Crew: Charlie (Eric, Emilee, Frances, plus Hersh) Roll out: 8:00ish Miles: 87 Terrain: flat, boring Weather: warm-hot, strong tailwinds Event: none Memorable Moments: burned down rest stops; more flats; camping in Ute Lake State Park; hanging out with the gentlemen of Sigma Nu from West Texas A&M Details  The day started out warm and […]


Moriarty to Santa Rosa

Summary Crew: Bravo Roll out: 9:00ish Miles: 84 Terrain: mostly flat, but some long, grueling hills Weather: torturous headwinds, 10-15mph Event: none Most Memorable Moment: record-breaking rate of flat tires now leaves just Kate and Didi in the running for The Flat Tire Trophy; also, Dusty Details Today was another cold start for us. We […]


Forty Hours to Huntington Beach

Ride for World Health 2015 has safely made it to Huntington Beach, CA! The Load Up The amount of planning and consternation that went into loading up our bikes and gear for this trip was monumental and horribly boring.  It’s much easier for you to just check out the happy video below of our load-up. […]


Generosity and Gratitude

On the eve of Ride for World Health 2015, as many of the Riders are still recovering from the excitement of a successful Match Day, we want to take a moment to reflect on the generosity of the Sponsors who have helped make Ride for World Health possible. First and foremost, we want to thank The Ohio State University […]