In front of First United Methodist :)

Days 23 and 24 (Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri)

Day 23, 4/18: Tulsa, OK to Coffeyville, KS (88.4 miles) Day 23 was definitely one of our longest and toughest days. The rain from yesterday continued and was forecasted to last until noon, so we decided to have a later departure. We got to sleep in and it actually stopped raining around 9am. Our original […]

Teamwork to change a flat before the impending storm

Days 21 and 22 (Oklahoma)

Day 21, 4/16: Oklahoma City, OK to Chandler, OK (53.3 miles) The first 15 miles out of Oklahoma City on Day 21 were some of the coolest of the whole trip! Glenn, a friend of some of the Pro Bike Inc shop guys, and his son Kyle, a police officer, joined us for that leg […]


Oklahoma City Rest Day (Oklahoma)

4/15, Oklahoma City Rest Day Our third rest day of the ride was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Some people slept in while another group of us went on a scenic 20-mile bike ride along the West River bike trail with some of the guys from the Pro Bike Inc shop, which they had told us […]


Days 19 and 20 (Texas and Oklahoma)

Day 19, 4/13: Shamrock, TX to Clinton, OK (84.2 miles) On Day 19, we crossed from Texas to Oklahoma, our 5th state! We rode through the state border pretty early on in the route but unfortunately there wasn’t a Welcome to Oklahoma sign on the frontage road we were on – so we actually snagged […]

Dan talking about MyPlate with 4th graders :)

Days 17 and 18 (Texas)

Day 17, 4/11: Vega, TX to Amarillo, TX (34.2 miles) Day 17 was our shortest day yet but also one of our toughest days because of the weather. The morning started off really great with us giving presentations to students at Vega elementary, middle, and high school. Half of us talked to 3rd-6th graders about […]