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After your application is submitted, we will contact you to set up phone interviews.

R4WH Leadership Team Director

Director positions for the Ride consist of leadership roles in event-planning, web design, logistics-planning, and more. Each Director has the responsibility to meet his/her fundraising goal of $1,700 and can opt to participate as a National Team Rider as well.

R4WH National Team Rider

National Team Riders assist the Leadership Team in planning and implementing the Ride. National Team Riders are each responsible for meeting their fundraising goals of $2,700 and participating in the full span of the Ride.

R4WH Portions Rider

R4WH understands that some potential riders may not be able to participate in the full cross-country ride. For this reason, R4WH is happy to accept applications from those who are interested in joining us for any length of time. Portion riders can sign up to ride for a half-day up to 30 days. The cost is $1,000.

Contact Arwa Mesiwala and Dave Hartnett (Recruitment Chairs) if you have any questions regarding these positions.


* Non-discrimination Policy

Ride for World Health seeks to improve the health of all people. As such, Ride For World Health, in accordance with applicable State and Federal Laws, does not discriminate based on the basis of age, race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, pregnancy, disability, age, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, status as a veteran or disabled veteran, and also prohibits any form of sexual harassment.  This policy covers all aspects of the organization; including, but not limited to, participation as a team member, guest cyclist, or volunteer, as well as access to any programs, activities and events.