Organize a Solidarity Ride

The concept of solidarity rides has been created to increase our impact and fundraising efforts throughout our journey. Solidarity rides can take two forms (as outlined below) and we are excited that you are considering these options. For detailed information about organizing either of these rides, view our Solidarity Ride Packet (PDF: 144K).

Shadow the Ride

Shadow rides will be used to augment the overall number of riders along various stages of the route in order to enhance the R4WH showing.  All riders in this set-up will pedal alongside the National Rider Team for Ride for World Health.

All details relating to food, shelter, snacks, and repairs rest with the individual groups shadowing the official Ride Team. R4WH will provide maps of the day’s route along with vehicle access to all rest areas. These trips allow flexibility for those with a desire to join our cause but have limited time to do so.

Independent Solidarity Rides

Independent solidarity rides use a route separate from the national ride. These may occur in conjunction with the cross-country ride as we travel through each city along the route, or they may occur at a distinctly different location or time from the national ride.

These independent rides will resemble typical one-day weekend charity bike-a-thons. Local organizers will have much flexibility in creating these events and are encouraged to time the ride so participants can join the national riders as they enter the city.

For any questions related to general fundraising and route planning, please contact Maria Mora, our Fundraising Chair at