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In the spring of 2012, I sat nervously in a conference room in Columbus, Ohio waiting for the day to begin. I was joined by 7 other people, also applicants, interviewing for acceptance into medical school at The Ohio State University. Over the course of the day, all of the usual presentations took place in the order they always do. First, there was a school specific informational session. That was followed by a financial services talk and then another presentation about unique qualities at OSU. Little did I know that during that presentation I would learn about an organization that would change my life. The dean of admissions spoke about something called the Ride for World Health during that talk. He said it was an organization, made up of medical students in their graduating year, that rode bicycles across the country while raising money for global health causes, educating the public, and advocating for health causes along the way – and got school credit for it!

My mind was made up – I had to come to OSU and I needed to work to become a part of this organization. With all of this in mind, I interviewed my heart out and got accepted. From there, I got a bike and more than a few flat tires. After 3 years, lots of studying in the library, and countless miles in preparation I finally became a part of The Ride for World Health. I applied for a leadership position with the same gusto that I applied to medical school and got selected as CEO of this great group.

When it came to selecting beneficiaries this year, we asked our pool of riders to submit organizations that we could make a real impact on. Our goal was to really benefit those in need across the globe. After receiving proposals for grants, and voting by our riders and leadership – we selected two organizations that I really feel proud to say that we support. Ti Kay – an organization that helps fight Tuberculosis and HIV in Haiti and Greif: Neonatal Survival Program – a group that helps to improve the lives of mothers and infants in impoverished countries. These two organizations mean a lot to me, because in 2007 I was diagnosed with latent Tuberculosis. I was one of the lucky ones that only had to face 9 months of pills – not years of progressive weight loss, fevers, chills, and coughing up blood. Furthermore, when I moved to Columbus, I was shocked to find out that we have one of the worst infant mortal rates in the country among African Americans. So, when our riders chose to fund these two organizations I was thrilled to be working on two problems that hit close to home. I hope you will join me in supporting these two great charities. If that support means help to supply our ride, donating towards our fundraising goal, or even by joining us as we ride across the country we would be delighted to have your help. So, how will you help

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