Our Mission

Ride for World Health (R4WH) is a national, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which advocates for improvements in the quality and accessibility of national and global healthcare. Founded in 2006 by Ohio State medical students, our mission is three-fold:


Inform the American public about healthcare disparities both at home and abroad.


Empower our audience members to make tangible changes to their health, as well as become informed and active global citizens.


Raise significant funds to be donated to a non-profit organization which has objectives consistent with our mission.


A journey across the nation to meet needs around the world


Who we are

We are comprised of people from across the country who share similar passions about the need for change in both international and domestic health care. Since its founding, R4WH has been dedicated to creating a dialogue on the state of healthcare in communities across the world. By bringing together activists from across the country, we hope to inspire other medical professionals, volunteers, and communities to stand up as a unified voice for the millions who suffer at home and abroad.

Each Year

Ride for World Health culminates its fundraising efforts in a 3,200 mile cross-country bike ride from San Diego, CA to Bethany Beach, DE. We will stop at 50+ locations along the way and educate community members about the healthcare issues our country and world is facing today. Through a coast-to-coast lecture series and other events, R4WH engages the general public and medical professionals in discussions of local health care issues while drawing parallels to global concerns.

Since the first cross-country trip, over 300 riders have raised nearly $600,000 for various national and global health charities. Each year, the riders elect which organization(s) to support. Any donations are greatly appreciated (and tax-deductible!)


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